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16. Sore muscles

For sore muscles that justify the sabbath to the restless mind. My mind, when tired, only races faster, careering from slippery thought to slippery thought, finding no purchase, until at last it stumbles weary into some rocky oblivion, and wakes … Continue reading

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A lifetime’s work

A lifetime’s work reduced by lifetimes since To a pile of stones in a ferny wood, grown o’er With moss and vines, and gently hid to all But those who wish to see. A gift from him Who dwelt here … Continue reading

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Old news

On Monday I sheet-composted a rocky and shallow part of the garden, laid down newspapers to kill the weeds and spread old bedding from the duck pen on top. There is something deeply satisfying about heaping shit onto last week’s … Continue reading

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Hobby farming

If part-time farmers want to be taken seriously, they have to take themselves seriously. It starts with a word.

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Incidental lumberjack

Mid-afternoon a tree fell in the yard. No wind, no rain, only the slow crescendoing crack of something gone very very wrong and then a rustle and — wait for the thud, but no thud. The tree hung over the … Continue reading

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