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Summer is a most untidy guest

Summer is a most untidy guest, A vacation rental every landlord dreads: Crumbs all over the floor, attracting pests, Insects and mice of which we can’t be rid Without some icy extermination. Look At all this filth! This vile disgusting … Continue reading

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Cicadas and similes

The thirteen-year cicadas emerged yesterday, in our woods at least; a few miles away they’ve been active for weeks. We heard their song in the afternoon, and in the evening I found a half-dozen husks hung out to dry on … Continue reading

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Life cycles

The miracle of a butterfly is a cliché, but it’s a miracle my daughter, who is four, hadn’t yet witnessed, and she gave me daily — if not hourly — updates on the caterpillar’s progress. And, really, it’s a miracle that never grows old. When the aptly named “Parsley” went off into the wide world we were all a little disappointed that we wouldn’t see her emerge as a butterfly. Continue reading

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The wheel bug of life

Photograph by Ronald F. Billings of the Texas Forest Service, USDA Forestry Service Archives, image 226085. Since we began gardening several years ago—when we moved into our first house—we have grown our vegetables in raised beds. This has always been … Continue reading

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