Raising ducks

We have a small flock of Khaki Campbell ducks (originally seven, now four) who live in our backyard and lay eggs for us. This area of the New Agrarian is devoted to the care and feeding of the suburban duck and to our experience in raising and living with them. You can start with the duckling diaries, my chronicle of raising ducks from mailorder to egglaying. You’ll also find more basic information about ducks in general, Khaki Campbells in particular, keeping ducks in a suburban backyard, and what to do with all the eggs they lay. You’ll also find a great many photos and a few movies.

Raising suburban ducks: the basics

Want to get started raising ducks? Wondering why you should? Here’s some basic information.

Duckling development: a diary

My notes on the ducks’ growth and development over the first year, with photos and movies, plus occasional notes on their later lives. This is the fun part! It’s also where you’ll find information about brooding ducks.


Down to business: the care and feeding of the suburban duck.


Photos and details of our setup.


All about duck eggs and how to use them.


Digital movies of the ducks in QuickTime format.


A note to anyone thinking about raising ducks of their own: please remember that what I’ve written here is based on personal experience of having raised ducks exactly once. I suggest that you do what we did before we got our ducklings, which is to get advice from as many sources as possible and use your own common sense and best judgement. Everyone’s experience (and I expect everyone’s ducks) will be different, so don’t expect yours to be exactly like mine, and please don’t hold me responsible when it isn’t.

Thanks! Enjoy the site!