The Eightfold Agrarian Way

The “Eightfold Agrarian Way” is an outline of an agrarian philosophy for the twenty-first century. It is both a catalog and a prescription: a catalog, because it began as an attempt to find the common ground in three thousand years of agrarian thought; a prescription, because I believe that the philosophy I found is as valid for the future as its first authors thought it for the past. But it is only a beginning, a starting point for further discussion and debate. Read on

An agrarian reading list

This list is intended as a starting point for an exploration of agrarian ideas, past and present. It is neither exclusive nor exhaustive, nor are the ideas in the works cited necessarily endorsed by The New Agrarian or its publisher (a caveat from which his own book is probably excluded). I have chosen them to varying degrees for their importance, typicality, accessibility, and relevance to (what I perceive to be) the interests of my readers. Read on



In this section you’ll find essays and other considerations of why agriculture and self-sufficiency matter, on even the smallest scale — perhaps especially on the smallest scale. The best place to start is probably with What’s a New Agrarian? and The Eightfold Agrarian Way.

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Reading & reference