Closing time

It’s been fifteen years since I started The New Agrarian. At the time it wasn’t even a blog; blogs were still new and experimental in 2002, if you can recall such a thing. I had a notion, then, of a magazine that would merge intellectual and practical approaches to farming and all the issues and practices surrounding it — something published, printed, with contributors and editors. For various reasons, that never happened. My life took a different turn, and I’m not sure there would ever have been much interest in such a thing: people seem to be interested in either the practical or the intellectual.

The interest in my writing about backyard ducks kept this site alive long after I’d given up its original purpose, and I’ve never quite found another compelling reason to keep it going. I don’t have anything more to say about ducks. There’s a ton of advice and how-to out there on the internet about gardening and, well, about practically everything, and I’m not sure it would be worthwhile for me to add to it. I’m not a lifestyle blogger and don’t care to be. I still have things to say about urban and suburban agriculture, but not enough to justify a blog. And despite my efforts to frame my writing as agrarian, the title of the website confines and brands what I write here in ways that aren’t always appropriate or desirable.

And so I have decided to close down The New Agrarian. Nothing is going away; all the old content is moving to my eponymous site at, and I’ll set up automatic forwarding shortly. I’ll continue writing about the things that have interested me over the past few years — craft, technology, tradition, literature, cooking, woodworking, and even gardening on occasion — so if you like what I’ve written more recently, please follow me there. And I think I’ll hang on to the domain name, so who knows? The New Agrarian may someday be resurrected as something more like what it was always meant to be. Anything is possible.

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