The pantry

the pantry, October 2002

This year (2002) we went a little crazy with the canning. Ok, I went a little crazy with the canning. This photo was taken in late October. The inventory includes (in roughly chronological order) strawberry-honey jam, blackberry jam, pickled beets, pie cherries, blueberries, dilled green beans, peach-honey jam, yellow tomato marmalade, catsup, tomato purée (red and yellow), dried peaches, dried tomatoes, sauerkraut, chowchow, bread and butter pickles, brined dill pickles, hot pepper jelly, apple pie filling, and apple butter. There is also worcestershire sauce left from last year, and I had yet to make applesauce, dried apples, and cranberry chutney and three-fruit marmalade for Christmas presents. Actually rather a lot of the jam will go for Christmas presents. Piled nearby are boxes of apple butter and hot pepper jelly waiting for the holidays. We have also started making scented candles as gifts, in wide half-pint jars; my personal favorite is grapefruit-rosemary.

I designed and built the pantry cupboard specially to hold three sizes of Mason jars: half-pints (2 shelves), pints (2 shelves), and quarts (2 shelves). I thought at the time (1998) that it would surely be all the space we would ever need, but (as you can see) it is now overflowing. The hole in the third shelf will soon be plugged with applesauce, just as soon as I can get to the state farmers’ market again!

pantry cupboard

The pantry cupboard, closed. I just couldn’t bring myself to clean off the clutter for the photo.

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